Creating Value for Stakeholders


Our Purpose is to deploy our brand led distributor model as an asset to the market; for suppliers and customers alike. In doing so, we seek to further strengthen our position as the number one drinks distribution partner in each of our core markets to generate long-term sustainable value for our shareholders and to benefit our full range of stakeholders.


Our culture and values are critical in the delivery of our strategy and drive decision making on a daily basis. By nature of the industry in which we operate, we are required to be entrepreneurial and dynamic, remaining prepared to capitalise quickly on emerging opportunities with long-term value always at the forefront of our decisions. This requires a specific entrepreneurial mind-set which is inherent in our culture. Reward systems encourage this mentality, motivating our people to develop long term value, ensuring the ambitions of the Group’s agents are aligned with its owners.


Diversity strengthens our capabilities. Each of our people demonstrate their unique skillsets to the benefit of the business and each other. Drawing from an eclectic range of experiences allows us to remain innovative in an industry increasingly characterised by evolving consumer and customer trends.


Our people are our greatest strength. Our decentralised business model fosters a culture of entrepreneurialism ensuring we remain dynamic and responsive within each of our local territories. This concept underpins our recruitment, reward and development policies to ensure the long-term sustainability of our business model. Empowerment and accountability ensures our people have the appropriate environment to develop their careers whilst simultaneously contributing to the success of the business.

All of our colleagues are key stakeholders to our business who embody our core values daily. We have a culture of internal progression and development, providing the Company with exceptional talent with an invaluable awareness of the unique dynamics of our company and it’s positioning within our industry. This presents a pipeline of future talent to continue with the sustainable progression of our overall long-term strategy and purpose, both of which significantly rely on our people.


Serving customers is the basic threshold as a distributor. We aim to go above this. In partnering with our customers, we aspire to provide unrivalled value adding services to form a collaboration that enhances our competitive advantage. In doing so, we build a loyal customer base to whom we offer a spectrum of services which ranges from capital loans to data driven market insight.


In our objective to further strengthen our position as number one drinks distributor in our markets, we see ourselves as an aggregator of supplier’s products for our customers. Our suppliers therefore provide the lifeblood to our operating model. We partner with a diverse range of suppliers, from global manufacturers to local artisan producers and our approach remains consistent for all; working collaboratively to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and value for money.


C&C has been a long-term advocate of the responsible consumption of the products we manufacture and distribute. From the outset, we supported the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing legislation in Scotland and support its introduction in Ireland. We promote moderate consumption of our products to ensure they are enjoyed safely by our consumers. For our core brands, we have launched low/no alcohol versions in recognition of this policy allowing us to offer variation to our consumers on the brands they love.

Sustainable fabric brands

Investing in our portfolio of local, fabric brands to ensure that they continue to service the requirements of their respective markets, and contribute to local business and communities. We are lucky to own brands that are so important to their respective markets and consumers, sustainable management and investment is at the core of what we do.